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    Original Road Trip

"Happiness is a Road Trip!"

Time to load the car, grab the snacks, turn up the music and hit the road!!

Springfield makes travel convenient and stress free. Located directly off two interstates, it's the perfect drive to destination for you & your family to come and unwind!

But wait! There's more...we have an added bonus of being easy on your wallet. We offer great hotel rates and countless free sites to visit year round.

Grab a couple of Maid-Rites (loose meat sandwiches), some cheese fries and a yummy homemade root beer float at the drive-thru and head to one of our nearby parks and enjoy a picnic.

About 30 minutes outside of Springfield is a reconstructed log cabin village, founded in 1829. This is the place Mr. Lincoln himself lived before he made Springfield his home. It's a 700 acre state park that you can easily take a social distance stroll through. Check out our Stroll Through a Village blog here.

Open April - September this is the perfect go to for a movie in open spaces. Take a little step back to the good 'ole days, where everyone spent their weekends at the drive-in. Enjoy the movie from the comfort of your own car.

What are you without a Horseshoe Sandwich? Hungry! That’s what. Afterwards, that’s another story. No way to say no to this pile of goodness. Texas toast, meat, fries and then our famous cheese sauce on top. Served at most American and Pub Style dining stops.

Located in a beautiful neighborhood, you can experience strolling down wooden plank sidewalks and walking the same path Mr. Lincoln would have walked on a daily basis before becoming our 16th President. As the Home itself is currently closed due to COVID-19, you are still welcome to take pictures with your favorite people in front of our favorite Springfield resident's house anytime!

Looking very patriotic while holding an American flag and wearing red and blue. This "muffler man" stands in the Lauterbach Tire & Auto parking lot overlooking the passerby.

The interior is now open with a limited number of visitors a day, however we still encourage you to enjoy the amazing exterior which can be viewed at any time! We recommend stopping by to take in the beautiful architecture of famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Definitely Instagram worthy!

Dew Chilli Parlor was the first to spell chili this way back in 1909. Why you ask..."cause that’s how it’s supposed to be" according to Dew's original owner, Joe Bockelmann. Fill your bellies with one L or two L's at a place called Dew Chilli Parlor or how about The Chili Parlor...two awesome places and both just off of Route 66!

You thought 6'4 was tall...wait until you see this clean shaven, young Abe standing at about 30 feet tall! Take a little glimpse into his rail splitting days.

On almost every downtown street, you will find some sort of colorful work of art brightening up the capital city. Abe Lincoln and flowers, abstract and more...a sight you must see.

They have been 'Keeping it Cozy' on iconic Route 66 for over 70 years. Order some Cozy Dogs (hotdog on a stick) and fries and you've got it made. Pull through the drive-thru and enjoy your meal in your car, while listening to the classics!

This is the perfect place to drive down, or as most do, touch a piece of original brick road on historic Route 66 and grab that picture perfect shot! Find out how cool it is to ride on a piece of history!

Do you have a love of vintage gas station signs, Route 66 memorabilia, or classic cars?? Yes...then Motorheads Museum is the place for you. See signs and items from Springfield's historic past including several items from Shea's Gas Station Museum, Texaco Gas Station pumps, Coca Cola signs and machines, motel signs and more. This is a must see for all Route 66 lovers!!

So it's breakfast time...what do you want to eat?? A donut of course! They have been serving Springfield since 1932. Stop by one of the 4 locations and enjoy a delicious donut! They are also one of 13 locations in Springfield that are "Illinois Made" products.

Plan Your Adventure with our suggested itineraries here.