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We've got Lincoln, Route 66 and so much more. If your clients are interested in world-class historical sites, lively shopping and fresh farm-to-table cuisine, Springfield is an ideal destination. Find out what makes us ALWAYS LEGENDARY.

Let's face it, life is more than just great museums and legendary historical sites.
A visitor has got to eat! And drink, too!
In the heart of the Midwest, we've got great local agriculture to support legendary dining experiences. From comfort food to haute cuisine, we've got it - plus great coffee, local wineries and breweries.

Enjoy extra benefits for booking through Visit Springfield at one of our awesome hotel partners!
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Our top priority is making sure your time in Springfield is ALWAYS LEGENDARY. Here are ways we help our group tour operators:

Site Tours & Itinerary Planning

Your trip just got a whole lot easier. Let us take the guesswork out of planning and we'll even do the legwork of organizing site tours.

Hotel Solicitation

We can help you secure the best rates for your dates when you book through the SCVB.

Marketing Support

We have materials to support your tour, including Visitor Guides, Maps and our Event Calendar.

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When you book your tour directly through our Bureau, we can offer:

Lincoln Motorcoach Step-On

Abraham Lincoln or Mary Todd on your tour bus! Ask at the time of booking for this free service.

Free driver Accommodation

Complimentary hotel accommodation for your tour bus driver!

Let our Motorcoach Specialist help you create a unique and memorable experience for your next stopover in ALWAYS LEGENDARY Springfield!

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Meet Our Motorcoach Specialist!

Megan Claspell

Megan Claspell
Adult Motorcoach Groups
(217) 789-2360 ext. 5528