A Message at Midnight | Springfield, Illinois | Visit Springfield

December 8, 2022 - December 11, 2022
December 8 at 6pm
December 9th at 6pm
December 11th at 3pm

Lincoln Home National Historic Site
426 S. 7th St. Springfield, IL 62701


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It’s Christmas Eve of 1864. General Grant is late arriving at the White House. Celebration is far away from the minds of Grant and President Lincoln as they eagerly await the news from General Sherman as he marches towards Savannah. A victory will help assure the passage of the 13th amendment and provide a life-saving boost to the morale of the North. A defeat may be the final blow to hopes of reunion and freedom for the enslaved. The clock ticks… midnight approaches as Grant arrives to meet with the President... Turn back in time at the Lincoln Home with our annual Message at Midnight Play, starring Randy Duncan, Pam Brown, and Dennis Rendleman