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History Happy Hour

September 21, 2022
5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Anvil & Forge Brewing and Distilling
619 E. Washington St. Springfield, IL 62701

Free (Food & Drink Purchase Available)


Stop by Anvil & Forge Brewing and Distilling after work on Wednesday, September 21 to grab a drink and hear an engaging story from our historians during "History Happy Hour"!

Music was central to how soldiers and civilians experienced the Civil War. Different songs became enormously popular and shaped how people viewed the conflict as it was being fought and long after. Join ALPLM Lincoln Historian Christian McWhirter for a discussion of some of the Civil War’s most popular songs and how performances from artists such as Bob Dylan, Mavis Staples, and Elvis Presley show how they’ve been used and interpreted over time.


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