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You know what you should see and do while you’re in Springfield…but do you know what you should EAT??

No? Well you’re in luck!!

Here are “5 Must Eat” dishes that Springfield is known for.

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Horseshoe Sandwich: This unique sandwich is definitely a must…but just know, it will blow your diet!! But you know what, it is sooo worth it! So let me tell you a little bit about it…First you start with a toasted slice of Texas Toast, top that with your choice of any type of meat you can think of, cover that with a hearty supply of fries and drench the whole thing with homemade cheese sauce!! Delish right?! You can find this signature dish at most local restaurants who serve pub & American-style food! If you like it...here is the cheese sauce recipe. Enjoy! 

Springfield Chilli: Here’s a quick fun fact – the IL legislature proclaimed Springfield as the "Chilli Capital of the Civilized World” in 1993. Yes I know what you’re thinking it…why is chilli spelled with 2 “L's?” Well because “that’s the way it always was supposed to be,” said Joe Bockelmann, the original owner of the Dew Chilli Parlor. What you will find are secret recipes, ground meat, tomato-y sauce and heat that ranges from mild to firebrand. There are plenty of hometown parlors, some dating back to the turn of the century but here are a couple locations that serve up some yummy chilli, Dew Chilli Parlor & The Chili Parlor.

A Cozy Dog: Can you believe there was once a time where a hot dog on a stick fried in cornbread was a odd idea?? Can you imagine the State Fair without one…you can’t, can you?! Thankfully in 1946, the Waldmire family, Springfield natives, eagerly introduce this new treat to the world. They began selling “Cozy Dogs” at various locations throughout town. Lucky for you, you can grab a few of their secret recipe hot-dog-on-a-stick at the Cozy Dog Drive In located along historic Route 66. This is a Springfield staple for sure!!

Maid Rite Sandwich: This signature sandwich is made with seasoned ground beef and topped with ketchup, mustard, onions and pickles, causing a first timer to comment “This sandwich is made right!” Don’t forget to get their homemade Root Beer while you are there!! These are two things you don’t want to miss out on while you are here. Maid Rite was founded in 1926 and is the first and oldest drive up window restaurant. They are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Pretty cool!

A Giant Pancake: Charlie Parker’s Diner is located inside a Quonset hut and is decorated with 50s & 60s memorabilia. Here you will find the Giant Pancake. Who needs a small stack of pancakes when you can have one, 16’’ pancake?! As an added bonus…try the Pancake Challenge! What’s this you ask?? If you can eat 4 of these bad boys in one sitting, Charlie Parker’s not only buys the meal but you also get a free t-shirt and a $20 gift card!! Let’s just say…Come Hungry!

Explore these and other food-tastic options in Springfield by checking out the full list of dining spots.

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