Civil War Widows and Orphans (IL & The Civil War Series)


7/12/2018, 6:30 pm



Books on the Square, 427 E. Washington St. Springfield, IL 62701

Presenter Rose Connolly contends that it is the aftermath of the war that exceeds the horror experienced on a battlefield.  What were wives and children supposed to do without fathers? Young and middle-aged men on both sides were anxious to get into the fray and they were so confident of victory that not much thought was given to what would happen if they never again come home. She will discuss how these women and children found themselves all alone and lost in a world of desperation surrounded by people with problems of their own to deal with.  She will also talk about the Home For The Friendless developed in Springfield as she pulls back the curtain on the devastation experienced by many of the families that dead Civil War soldiers left behind.