The Sweet Life in Springfield, IL

Posted: 3/10/2016
Author: Kristen Chenoweth

The Sweet Life in Springfield, IL

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Here in the capital city, we really enjoy our snacks and sweets. Consequently, we’re lucky to have not one, but many, local, family-owned shops  that offer a tempting array of homemade chocolates, popcorn, fudge, candies, nuts and pastries. Each has a unique story, but they share the ability to delight everyone who walks through their doors. 

When you step into the 1950’s-era Pease’s Candy store, you can just imagine generations of children stopping by with their pennies to choose a treat after school. The shop’s location in a quiet, residential neighborhood is just a few blocks’ drive from downtown Springfield and worth a trip for the original recipe Raggedy Anns (chocolate, carmel and nuts), roasted nuts, buttery toffee and many other mouthwatering treats. You can even find super-sized chocolate Lincoln pennies and Route 66 shields for tasty souvenirs of your trip.

If you happen to be walking in downtown Springfield and something caramel-y and delicious smelling wafts through the air, you know Del’s Popcorn must be whipping up a new batch of their famous caramel corn, visible from their historic storefront window on 6th Street.  The shop offers many varieties of popcorn, roasted nuts, homemade fudge, ice cream and a dizzying array of candies. When you’re touring the historic sites be sure to stop in to Del’s for a quick pick-me-up or to stock-up on snacks for your hotel room. Here’s a tip: try mixing their caramel and cheese popcorns together for a heavenly sweet and salty taste combination.


While you’re out and about take a quick jaunt to neighboring Rochester, IL to discover Cocoa Blue Chocolates. From tempting passion fruit or key lime truffles to chocolate frogs there are plenty of handmade treats to feed your chocolate addiction here.


Candy and popcorn are fun, but if you’re interested in delectable pastries, Incredibly Delicious is a can’t miss stop. Enter this stately restored home to find a pastry counter full of croissants, fresh baked breads, scones, cakes, tarts and colorful macarons. Don’t miss the chocolate croissants! Why not stay awhile and check out the daily lunch specials including quiches and homemade soups, salads and sandwiches.


Our hometown sweet spots are beloved by locals and visitors alike. Make sure to schedule some time to experience the sweet side of Springfield the next time you visit.

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